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李敏博士 Min Lee

NutraBC 創始人,中西整合自然療法主創人員, 中醫針灸師,正骨專家,美容祛斑專家
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NUTRA北美中西整合自然療法中心 是由 女中醫博士李敏2009年在列治文創立,李敏博士是不列顛哥倫比亞省註冊中醫師,針灸師,加拿大註冊正骨師,世界中醫聯合會中醫加拿大皮膚分會常務理事, 溫哥華中央中醫學院皮膚科專任講師,廣州中醫藥大學中醫臨床博士畢業。有28年在中國大陸,臺灣,加拿大行醫臨床經驗。李敏博士是三代醫學世家,祖父是前清禦醫,父親是中華民國行政院立法院指定醫師,又師承中國國家名老中醫禤國維教授及“陳飛針”之後陳全新教授,專長無痛針灸。 NUTRA(Natural Union Therapy Arts) North American Chinese and Western Integrated Natural Therapy Clinic was founded in Richmond in 2009 by Li Min, a female doctor of Chinese medicine. Dr. Li Min is a registered Chinese medicine practitioner in British Columbia, an acupuncturist, a Canadian registered osteopath, and an executive director of the Canadian Skin Branch of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine , a full-time lecturer in the Department of Dermatology of the Central College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver, and a doctor of clinical medicine in Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has 28 years of clinical experience in practicing medicine in mainland China, Taiwan, and Canada. Dr. Li Min is from a family of three generations of medicine. Her grandfather was an imperial physician in the former Qing Dynasty, and her father was a physician designated by the Legislative Yuan of the Republic of China. She also learned from Professor Huan Guowei and Professor Chen Quanxin, a successor to the famous veteran practitioner of Chinese medicine "Flying Needle Chen" in China, Dr. Li Min is specialized in painless acupuncture and moxibustion.